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Tagit Announced Expansion of Mobeix Capabilities With Deployment of Microservice
June 17, 2020 News


Tagit, a leading digital banking solutions provider today announced that MobeixTM, its robust digital banking engagement platform (DBEP), and Tagit’s portfolio of banking solutions, has expanded the use of the microservice architecture and deployment across the entire product suite and the DBEP platform.

Customers can now leverage the expanded technology architecture capabilities to deliver business solutions leveraging the App-Serverless approach thereby enhancing the deployment flexibility and scaling capabilities to serve the rapid increase in the volume of customer interactions and need to incorporate partners of the bank into the bank ecosystem. The deployment of domain focused, API enabled business components as micro-services gives the bank multiple deployment options to match the bank’s performance requirements.

Sandeep Bagaria, CEO of Tagit, said “Banks are leveraging AI and conversational assistants to interact with customers digitally through various channels of their choice. At the same time, with open banking becoming more prevalent, Banks are becoming part of various digital ecosystems where they need to offer plug and play banking services. This requires a very flexible and scalable on-demand architecture which our clients can enjoy with our continued investment in microservices to meet the future requirements of digital banking.”

For large scale requirements, Containerisation of components will allow for the automatic deployment, scaling and management of applications in a distributed or cloud environment. Tagit has chosen the approach of componentisation of both its DBEP and associated business components to provide greater flexibility in assembling banking solutions and deployment of those solutions in an operationally robust environment. This approach will allow banks who are early in their microservice journey to scale with a cost-effective infrastructure environment and larger banks who need immediate scale, to leverage industry technologies for Containerisation.

This will give banks a competitive advantage in time to market of providing industry-standard APIs through Open Banking API gateways quickly and scale them rapidly as adoption and volumes increase.

MobiexTM currently supports banks with over 13 million active mobile banking users. Tagit is the partner of choice for several banks of all sizes in Asia, the Middle East and Africa for their omnichannel digital banking needs.