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Talent Rover Launches Next-Level Analytics Suite for Staffing and Recruitment Industry and Deep Partner Integration with LinkedIn
December 14, 2017 News analytics big data


Talent Rover, the comprehensive staffing and recruitment platform, today announced the launch of a new analytics suite and partner integration with LinkedIn.

Current analytics tools centralize data, leaving the user responsible for finding and configuring it to their needs. Talent Rover Analytics incorporates essential data throughout the platform alongside related information. Recruiters no longer search for the data they need to prioritize their activity and boost effectiveness – their data finds them in all of the areas where it is most relevant. The new suite allows customers to pull in data points from any internal or external source and visualize them within Talent Rover in easy-to-configure, drag-and-drop modules.

Enhanced account-level insights boost the efficiency of sales teams, providing users with an immediate overview of how the progress of certain accounts impacts the business at-large and recruiters can quickly act on open jobs with new, more useful candidate data.

“Talent Rover Analytics gives sales and recruiting teams clear direction on where to focus their efforts,” said Brandon Metcalf, President and co-founder of Talent Rover. “While many analytics tools are focused only on KPIs, our customers can view and act on all of their data in the areas of the platform where they spend their day.”

In addition to the analytics launch, Talent Rover announced a platform integration with LinkedIn. The main piece of the integration – Recruiter System Connect – allows a user to complete and track any LinkedIn action without leaving Talent Rover. Recruiters can post jobs, review resumes, and communicate with candidates from LinkedIn inside of the Talent Rover platform which will automatically sync activity, data, and content from both locations.

The integration includes the ability to track job applicants who prefer to use “Easy Apply” – LinkedIn’s mobile-friendly, two-step application process. It also captures applications from any source on the web where candidates choose to “Apply with LinkedIn” and can even collect data from candidates who do not complete the application process.

“Everything a recruiter can do in LinkedIn, they can now do in Talent Rover,” said Kabe VanderBaan, VP of Technology at Talent Rover. “Every new feature, every new partner integration we add is designed to give our customers more a of reason to run their recruitment workflow completely within Talent Rover. This is a great example of that.”

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