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TCEB eyes robotics and automation


The industrial sector will be greater enhanced by the country’s ability to win lucrative advanced automation system and robotics technology trade events, according to a statement released by the Thai Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB).

Dr Djitt Laowattana, the founder of the Institute of Field Robotics at King Mongkut’s University of Technology who is also on the committee of the Robotics Cluster and Executive Advisor, Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), endorses the trade show as a tool and a platform to drive the utilisation of automation system and robotics technology in the manufacturing industry.

“Trade shows are a primary platform to increase the competitiveness of the Thai industrial sector. The introduction of technological innovations in manufacturing process will result in widespread utilisation of automation systems and robotics technology,” he said.

TCEB’s Nichapa Yoswee and Dr Djitt chaired the recent press conference where they announced the business plan to strengthen the automation and robotics sectors under Thai Government’s 4.0 initiative.

According to the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), Thailand’s automation and robotics industries are expected to enjoy 19-per-cent growth in 2019, the highest growth rate in Asean and the fourth highest in the world.

Thailand’s long-established automotive parts and manufacturing, electrical and electronics and food processing sectors are well positioned to advance the country’s high market potential in industrial robotics.

The automotive parts and manufacturing sector, coupled with the electrical and electronics sector are two major industries responsible for driving global automation and robotics growth, with a combined market share of 64 per cent.

“TCEB’s focus is to identify, attract and support events in 10 key industries under the Thai Government’s 4.0 initiative. Thailand’s solid trade show foundation is ready for a strategic upgrade to the technology driven advanced automation system and robotics manufacturing sectors.

“TCEB is committed to strengthen the automation system and robotics technology trade shows under our new ‘Thailand Redefine Your Business Events’ branding. We’re also launching a tactical ‘360 Degree Exhibition Success’ campaign, targeting both Thai and overseas organisers, exhibitors and trade visitors, to help make Thailand the Asean hub for automation system and robotics technology trade shows,” Nichapa said.

Thailand is home to at least five of Asean’s largest trade shows for machine tools, automotive manufacturing and industrial machinery. All told, they cover 90,000 square metres of net space and are at the forefront of automation system and robotics technology for various industrial sectors.

These include Intermach on May 8-11, Asean’s leading industrial machinery and subcontracting exhibition connecting intelligent manufacturing solutions, including artificial intelligence and robotics; Propak Asia on June 12-15, Asia’s premier platform for processing and packaging industries; Manufacturing Expo on June 19-22, Asean’s leading machinery and technology event that first introduced automation and robotics technology in 2018; and Metalex on November 20-23, Asean’s largest international machine tool and metalworking technology trade exhibition and conference that plans to showcase the region’s latest metalworking technology in 2019.

In addition, Automach, the largest automation and machine tools technology exhibition in Thailand’s Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), is also joining the fray in 2019 after a recent repositioning. Scheduled to be held from March 14-16, the event is being rebranded the “Automation Expo” with TCEB support, aiming to become the leading platform for automation system and robotics technology.