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TD Ameritrade Launches AI Powered Chat Bot Experience for Messenger in Singapore


TD Ameritrade Singapore Pte. Ltd. is bringing U.S. financial market updates, investor education, research and trading to its retail investors in Singapore through Facebook Messenger. TD Ameritrade’s chat bot for Messenger – powered by artificial intelligence (AI) technology and backed by live client service support – will give local retail investors one more way to access the U.S. equity markets and their investments where they are, when they need support, and in the most natural, conversational way.

“Our goal is to allow clients to seamlessly access TD Ameritrade features and functionality through the channels they’re familiar with and prefer,” said Sunayna Tuteja, head of strategic partnerships and emerging technologies at TD Ameritrade. “Investors in Singapore are active and engaged and have a particular affinity for Messenger, so we’re excited to bring trading and the best of TD Ameritrade education, knowledge and experiences to them through this channel.”

By connecting with TD Ameritrade through Messenger, investors in Singapore can access on-demand market information, news and events; receive quotes and sector information presented in visual format with charts and graphs; and watch educational videos about investing. Equity and ETF trading is also available.

Through the Messenger app, Singapore investors can also:

Get updates on U.S. markets, indices and sectors. Get a quote, track company events. Learn about investing with educational videos and get answers to frequently asked questions. Check account balances, positions, order status and place trades. Chat with an automated agent or a live human agent any time.

TD Ameritrade’s chat bot for Messenger is augmented by human support, making it a true hybrid experience. When appropriate or necessary, client support specialists can intervene in multiple ways, including interacting directly with the client.

“We’ve seen solid growth in trading in the Singapore market as a result of our client’s high engagement rate. In fact, our Asia-based clients are eight times more active than our U.S. clients, placing a third of their trades through mobile,” said JB Mackenzie, managing director of TD Ameritrade Asia. “There is a lot of potential for us to better serve our clients in Singapore by providing investors with education on U.S. equity markets, and making information available through the channels they use every day; ultimately supporting our goal of helping investors become more comfortable investing in the U.S. equity markets.”