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TeamViewer Expands Microsoft Intune Integration with iOS Screen Sharing


TeamViewer®, has extended its integration with Microsoft Intune to now include remote iOS device screen sharing to facilitate improved remote support. TeamViewer was previously integrated within Intune to provide remote assistance on all types of PCs and Android devices. Now, TeamViewer allows IT administrators to view iOS and macOS device screens remotely in real-time within in the Intune console, providing tech support in a consistent way across every device, platform, or operating system.

Microsoft Intune is a security management platform that helps organizations securely manage iOS, Android, Windows and macOS devices from a single, unified cloud solution. In 2016, TeamViewer became the remote assistance tool integrated with Intune, enabling IT administrators to remotely access and control all types of devices to more quickly solve technical problems.

Intune IT administrators can initiate remote sessions, or end users can open their Intune company portal and request remote assistance. TeamViewer is pre-installed on managed devices, so no installation is required by end users. Once the administrator sees the alert, they simply click to approve the request and launch a remote session. A separate license must be purchased for TeamViewer.

“TeamViewer will continue to work closely with Microsoft to keep innovating our integration with Intune,” says Alfredo Patron, VP of Business Development at TeamViewer. “We support more devices and operating systems than any other remote assistance solution on the market and we are very excited to bring this new capability to their customers.”

“TeamViewer is an important partner for enabling remote assistance and collaboration tools for Intune customers,” says Maura Hameroff, Director of Product Marketing, Enterprise Mobility + Security at Microsoft Corp. “TeamViewer’s access and support of all types of devices enhances our mutual customers’ support capabilities and improves overall user experiences.”