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Thales Deployed The World’s First GSMA-certified eSIM Solution on Google Cloud
May 5, 2020 News


Thales has deployed the world’s first GSMA-certified eSIM activation solution on Google Cloud. This solution will offer telecom operators secure and highly scalable support to manage increases in mobile subscriptions for eSIM-capable devices. It also lets them benefit from the reliability of Google Cloud’s carbon neutral technology. eSIM adoption is being fueled by a new generation of smartphones, tablets, wearables and new IoT use-cases. Not only Thales’ subscription management expertise ensures seamless remote activation of a vast number of devices, but also provides data analytics and protection of the subscriber’s data.

Thales has responded by creating a public cloud-based version of its proven eSIM Remote Subscription Platform with telecom operators facing the combined challenges of rapid digital transformation and a drastically growing eSIM ecosystem. The platform will run on Google Cloud, in this initial deployment, which is available in more than 200 countries and territories across the globe.

To meet the requirements of GSMA certification in a public cloud environment, Thales has implemented first-class security standards that is specifically designed. Telecom operators can also benefit from the Thales subscription management solution offering unprecedented levels of operational flexibility, both in terms of auto-scaling and capacity management. As a result, enterprises will be able to take full advantage of subscription business growth in the years ahead.

“The combination of Thales and Google Cloud’s global technology expertise is a perfect match to address the challenges of the eSIM market in a very innovative manner. Thales’ new cloud infrastructure enables the expected and significant growth in eSIM-capable devices to be tackled seamlessly. We know Google Cloud’s scalability will be critical with the rise of 5G networks and the cellular network connectivity of billions of IoT devices worldwide.”

Anil Jain, Google Cloud Managing Director – Telecom, Media & Entertainment, Industry Solutions

“By collaborating with Google Cloud teams, we have designed a global service to answer the exponential demand for new eSIM devices. This hybrid infrastructure is a springboard to innovative IoT applications in a standardized and interoperable security framework. By achieving GSMA certification our cloud-based solution provides a trusted and compliant platform for telecom operators.”

Emmanuel Unguran, SVP Mobile Connectivity Solutions at Thales