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The Big Community 5 Massive Data Driven Predictions for 2018.
December 22, 2017 News AI analytics big data IoT


2017 was a big year for data – the term “data driven” seemed to crop up everywhere. In addition the following two letters consistently found their way into Big Data conversations – “A” and “I”. It seemed the “world and his dog” were queuing up to claim that they were using AI to make their systems, software and application better. We have reached an age where data, machine learning and artificial intelligence seem to be driving our lives. We are told that the potential is limitless. With this in mind we thought we would take a stab at making some “massive data driven” predictions for the year ahead.

Grab and Spotify to match drivers and riders by music choice.

How would it be if every time your grab driver turned up, they were playing music you love to listen to? Most of us would like that. We have no idea if this will happen, but the listening technology and data analysis technology already exists to do this matching – so why not? Grab and Spotify if you’re reading this – start talking!

Cyber Criminals will steal Data Analytics Resources.

If Data is the new oil, we have to expect criminals will want to find a way to take some of the swag. We predict that 2018 will see innovative ways that cyber criminals steal compute and analytical resource from public cloud providers in order to do their own big data projects and analysis for free.  We will be on the lookout for the first big news story on this to break in 2018!

Splunk will start gathering “machine data” from PEOPLE

Whether it’s your smart watch, the contact lens that monitors your health or the sensor integrated into your T-shirt, the truth is that wearables are becoming more and more integrated into the people that wear them. As we enter 2018 we ourselves will become a huge and ever-growing source of “machine data”. If that doesn’t get Splunk excited we don’t know what will.

Map applications will find that ML and AI make them too clever for their own good!

There are certain times when you have learned enough. Whilst people never stop learning, we do change the focus of what we learn about. A taxi driver of 20 years, probably mastered everything they needed to know within the first few years. As AI and ML gets applied to maps applications, look for increasingly more instances where those apps get too clever for their own good, taking you on wild goose chases that take in preference over common-sense routes.

Big Data will save us from fake news

Often referred to as the fourth “V” of big data, is Veracity. This means that data has to be accurate, correct and truthful. We are hoping that some clever data scientists are already thinking about a way that we can build a reliable scoring system that qualifies the veracity of the news we read. So, in 2018 let us hope in addition to seeing the number of likes and shares against the articles we read, we see a veracity score too!