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The Big Project
September 29, 2016 News big project hackathon


Big Community is pleased to pre-announce the “Big Project” Supported by Fusionex.

The Big Project will enable anyone that wants to get their hands on some data and Analyse it to do so courtesy of Big Community, MDEC and Fusionex.


We have placed a few data sets on the Fusionex Cloud and have arranged for anyone that signs up to the Big Project to get free access to Fusionex Giant for 30 days to analyse this data.

In addition by signing up you will be invited to attend a special free of charge training course from Fusionex to help you get started.

Evert two weeks a committee made up of people from Fusionex, Big Community and MDEC will select the Big Project Visualisation of the week which will be displayed on the big Community home page for two weeks.

So what do the winners stand to gain out of this? Well in addition to small prizes like meal or coffee vouchers for our fortnightly winners – there is a bit more at stake than that.

You have the chanced to get noticed, we can put you in touch with like minded people for collaboration, if MDEC really like your ideas we can try to help you get funded to develop the ideas further, and if Fusionex like what your doing they have the resource to sponsor you further.

If that wasn’t enough you get hands on experience with a market leading Big Data product which is highly valuable in its own right.

To pre-register your interest fill in the details below and we will contact you soon.

Project Campaign Duration

Start Date : 2016-09-28 16:28

End Date : 2016-12-31 16:28

City :  Online

Venue : Online

Country : ASEAN