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The Changing Secret Formula of Open Data
December 4, 2017 Blog


In the industrial age, information was key to being at the top. The organisations with the information rules; as they are able to utilise that information to produce the best and most coveted products on the market.

Azrin Abd Shukor

Evolution and technological advancements however, have changed the way we view this information. This is especially so with the advent of Open Data, where information can be derived from a multitude of sources and touchpoints. Furthermore, today, many sites and organisations have come forward and volunteered their efforts towards making data available to the masses. The ‘Secret Formula’ to taking over the world and becoming number one is no longer the mantra in the digital age as there is nowhere to hide information. Information readily available and accessed. Therefore, sharing it will enable us to collectively create more value.

Combining different ideas to create better more efficient formulas for anyone to use and improve on should be the new approach for businesses and individuals alike. With Open Data, the richer and more complete the information, the better the outcomes are for everyone involved.

The types of data that ae available include but are not limited to:

  • Culture: Data about cultural works and artefacts — for example titles and authors that are generally collected and held by galleries, libraries, archives and museums.
  • Science: Data that is produced as part of scientific research, from astronomy to zoology.
  • Finance: Data such as government accounts (expenditure and revenue) and information on the financial markets such as stocks, shares, bonds and more.
  • Statistics: Data produced by statistical offices such as the census and key socioeconomic indicators.
  • Weather: The many types of information used to understand and predict the weather and climate.
  • Environment: Information related to the natural environment such as the presence and level of pollutants, as well as air and water quality in rivers and seas.

By combining, adding and cross-referencing the data, or any other range of options that could be thought of to create better insights and efficiency, this data can be turned into valuable information that will inspire meaningful actions and decisions. Therefore, sharing this data with individuals, organisations or government portals through the open data platform, paves the path for the data to be used to benefit any number of verticals; from the medical fraternity, right up to space travel or even finding better ways to harvest and store vegetation.

Here is where you can be a part of this exciting initiative. MAMPU, together with Big Community are running the Big Open Wrangle and giving you the chance to work with the government’s Open Data. Through this effort, you will get the chance to help improve data sets and make them more usable as we aspire to enhance the region’s Open Data Initiatives.

Be part of the challenge and sign up with the Big Open Wrangle here.

By : Azrin Abd Shukor, Country Manager, NetApp Malaysia