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The Philippines and Its AI Roadmap: How Dell Technologies’ Modern Servers Can Help
April 15, 2021 Blog


Written by: Rogelio Legaspi, Journalist, AOPG

Cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) are crucial to economic and digital growth, especially in the developing countries in Southeast Asia. In the Philippines, the government, as well as the private sector, are making efforts to launch AI advancements to further the digital transformation of organisations across different industries.

In this report, the country’s Trade and Industry Undersecretary emphasised the importance of new technology in increasing the efficiency and scalability of the manufacturing industry to advance its development.

To achieve this, an AI task force was created, with the objective of attracting more investments, creating more jobs and increasing participation in global value chains. The most prominent Philippine government agencies, including the Departments of Agriculture, Science and Technology, Information and Communications Technology, Education, the Commission on Higher Education and National Economic and Development Authority, joined forces to further this initiative.

As for the business landscape in the country, McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) estimated that current technologies have the potential to automate 48% of the work activities performed in the Philippines, signifying an important shift to AI adoption.

MGI reported this adoption in various industries, from telecoms, manufacturing, and financial services, to transportation and logistics and consumer-packaged goods. This development in AI also reflects the country’s need to meet the requirements of its connected citizens and the data flow in the expanding IT environment.

To realise this, a powerful and modern IT infrastructure is necessary, as AI applications require huge amounts of processing power. Organisations also need to provide both historical and real-time data to feed into the AI to produce valuable insights for business strategies.

Dell Technologies delivers its portfolio of modern PowerEdge servers to businesses and government agencies alike, through leading IT providers such as Integrated Computer Systems, Inc. (ICS). ICS has a longstanding partnership with Dell EMC, and with over 40 years of service, the company has established itself as a trustworthy partner for customers seeking to achieve digital transformation.

Dell Technologies and ICS deliver the extensive PowerEdge server portfolio, enabling clients to achieve greater IT efficiency and AI adoption for realising automated and intelligent systems in the future.

These next-generation Dell EMC PowerEdge servers support NVIDIA GPUs with NVIDIA NVLink, a high-speed GPU-to-GPU interconnect that provides higher bandwidth, more links and improved scalability for multi-GPU system configurations. Such capabilities are essential in enabling compute-intensive workloads for a successful AI journey.

In addition, the new PowerEdge 15G with Intel Xeon Gold 6330 CPU at 2.00GHz from Dell Technologies delivers an improvement in energy efficiency by up to 60% compared to the previous server generation.

“ICS and Dell Technologies are consistently improving our PowerEdge server portfolio to allow businesses to keep up with the rising data and performance requirements to support highly demanding applications, such as machine-learning and AI. What makes PowerEdge stand out is its ability to prevent performance bottlenecks when executing the largest data sets, in addition to new design and management features that will remedy the biggest problems organisations often face with legacy servers. Data-driven organisations need next-level performance, especially in today’s digital landscape where they are required to leverage more data, faster, in order to realise an intelligent future for industries”, said Mary Anne Felix, Assistant Vice President for Product Marketing at ICS.

The Philippines is rapidly moving towards AI and modernisation, and it is imperative to utilise next-generation servers from the Dell EMC PowerEdge portfolio as the main driver for economic and digital growth. To find out more, click here.