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The Road To Being Data Driven
January 22, 2018 Blog


Continuum Analytics, a leading open data science platform powered by Python, found that a big percentage of companies in the US (22 percent to be exact) are falling short in making proper use of the data available.

Vanson Bourne independently conducted the survey with 700 data professionals who consisted of 200 analysts and 500 data scientists from all verticals and organisations, to get a feel of how Open Data is being accepted in enterprises. They looked in detail at the value of data science, to the challenges of its adoption and use in enterprises.

The findings were:

  • Data science in enterprises were rated by respondents at an overwhelming 73 percent as one of the top three most valuable technologies being used. However, it also showed a gap in terms of the understanding of its impact on enterprises and of using it.
  • Although both groups agreed with the importance of data science in enterprises, they look at things differently when it comes to evaluating the current phase of their company’s data science lifecycles. Data scientists tend to believe that their companies are at a ‘toddler’ stage with much room to improve, whereas executives believed that they are already at a more advanced phase in their data science journeys.

Azrin Abd Shukor

The road to being a data-driven world will be an arduous one to say the least. And enterprises will need to beef up their data science teams to meet that requirement. With 89 percent of organisations having at least one data scientist and less than half having data science teams, it is vital for them to rethink and re-strategise. The findings showed that 69 percent of respondents link Open Data with collaboration, dismissing the one-man show that currently runs the mainstream. But this has reached a level where thinking in a bigger picture will be a better bet for organisations and nations at large.

With Open Data being likened to Rosetta Stone by Michele Chambers, EVP of Anaconda Business Unit, 94 percent of the enterprises surveyed are relying on open source. It is apparent that the true value of big data will be unearthed through Open Data.

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By : Azrin Abd Shukor, Country Manager, NetApp Malaysia