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TIBCO and Singapore Polytechnic Enhance Collaboration to Tackle Data Skills Shortage in Singapore’s Quest for Smart Manufacturing
October 8, 2018 News Data Skill


TIBCO Software Inc., announced it has further enhanced its collaboration with Singapore Polytechnic (SP) to expand data analytics capabilities and knowledge for adult learners in Singapore. The latest collaboration is in support of Singapore’s quest to be a smart manufacturing hub. As part of the second phase of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), SP, TIBCO, and its partner, iZeno, will jointly engage adult learners through industrial practice, internships, and other practice-based training.

In October 2018, SP will collaborate with TIBCO to launch a new Continuing Education (CET) course in Data Analytics for Industrial Applications. The new 16-hour course is targeted at working adults and will equip learners with the necessary skills to analyse industrial data in the fields of manufacturing, operations, facilities, maintenance and logistics.

Applicants can also apply for relevant government subsidies to take up the course. The latest CET course is aligned with the Skills Framework for ICT, which encourages working adults to pick up new digital skills, especially in the areas of data analytics or robotics in order to stay relevant in the future economy.

“In Singapore’s quest for smart manufacturing, talent will always be a challenge. Through this collaboration we can offer our expertise in helping address the data skills gap in the region. It is important that we augment the relevant capabilities and skillsets of people through our technology and innovative solutions our products,” said Melissa Ries, general manager, Asia Pacific and Japan, TIBCO.

“At TIBCO, we have a holistic approach in the field of data analytics, bringing together an exciting hands-on learning experience coupled with our innovative technology to ensure participants remain relevant in the digital economy and, more importantly, be data-aware and bring value to the manufacturing workforce,” added Ries.

The manufacturing industry plays a crucial role in supporting Singapore’s economy where it was the key growth driver in the first quarter of this year, according to Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI).

A separate report by the Committee on the Future Economy also suggests that smart manufacturing will play a critical role in helping the manufacturing sector in Singapore maintain its share of about 20 percent of the country’s economy in the future.

“As a pioneer in engineering courses, Singapore Polytechnic is pleased to work with TIBCO to offer a new course that will help equip professionals with the digital skills and knowledge for a smarter manufacturing industry. Through this collaboration, adult learners will be well-prepared to excel in a rapidly changing economy and contribute to the local workforce,” said Mr Toh Ser Khoon, Acting Director of the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering at Singapore Polytechnic.

An effective ecosystem of support was needed to enhance the MOU. “Close collaboration between higher education institutions and the technology industry is crucial in supporting adult learners in their skills development and career progression. We are excited about partnering with TIBCO to support the national drive of smart manufacturing,” said Jason Lin, co-founder and director, iZeno.

This is the second phase of TIBCO’s collaboration with Singapore Polytechnic. In January this year, TIBCO announced an MOU to provide students from the Computer Engineering, Engineering with Business, and Engineering Systems diploma courses with relevant data analytics skillsets in the areas of Industry 4.0 and advanced manufacturing.