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TIBCO Announces Industry-First Reporting and Data Visualisation Microservice
October 3, 2018 News Data Visualisation


TIBCO Software Inc., a global leader in integration, API management, and analytics, announced TIBCO JasperReports® IO, an industry-first, highly scalable microservice specifically designed to generate reports and embeddable data visualizations. The content produced by JasperReports® IO ranges from pixel-perfect, multi-page reports to interactive data visualizations. Developers can use the service to design and distribute information together with RESTful ease. The initial release, TIBCO JasperReports® IO Professional, is available today as a lightweight single-instance service, with plans to offer subsequent releases as a highly scalable microservice.

JasperReports IO is a natural fit with cloud and microservices-based architectures used by organizations today, and enables them to benefit from the technical efficiencies and cost savings that come with consumption-based software models. The JasperReports IO core functionality is exposed through a RESTful API, allowing any developer to access it using a simple API call. Additionally, JasperReports IO Professional includes a Docker file configuration, making it easy to deploy it in a Docker container that can be tightly integrated into DevOps pipelines.

Leveraging its extensive experience in embedded BI, TIBCO incorporated technology from its award-winning JavaScript API framework, Visualize.js, into JasperReports IO. This technology allows software builders to seamlessly embed reports and visualizations generated by JasperReports IO into the front end of their applications with minimal lines of JavaScript. The embeddability of JasperReports IO presents a powerful new use case for application developers, who receive a compact engine for visualizing data as well as programmatic control of JavaScript to expose content to their users, all within the context of their applications.

“JasperReports IO enables users to easily integrate reports and data visualizations into their cloud-native applications,” says Jan Schiffman, vice president, engineering, TIBCO. “We’ve created a unique service that’s built on the data connectivity and rendering capabilities of our core TIBCO JasperReports Library, accessed with a web-native API and integrated with Visualize.js. JasperReports IO is perfect for modern container-based architectures and allows users to realize the operational efficiencies of DevOps.”

“Due to its lightweight and quick-to-deploy nature, JasperReports IO can be implemented with little footprint and be used as a reporting engine without the need for a central infrastructure,” said Philip Moston, senior consultant, QuinScape GmbH. “I thus see JasperReports IO as a perfect product for lightweight, distributed report generation functionality. If you want to incorporate a pixel-perfect reporting engine into your product, JasperReports IO is the ticket.”