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TIBCO LABS Promotes Collaborative Innovation with Customers and Partners


Big Community Interview with TIBCO

Big Community: Is TIBCO LABS a physical location? If so where is it based and what resources are made available? If it’s not, what exactly is LABS and how does it work?

TIBCO: TIBCO LABS™ is a program designed to provide customers and partners with a mechanism for actively participating in TIBCO’s history of innovation. TIBCO LABS is directed by TIBCO’s Office of the CTO, which also facilitates the development of solutions for today’s challenging problems, showcases new capabilities, and offers an early view into emerging technologies, including blockchain, AI, and machine learning.  Today, TIBCO LABS is not a physical location.  The Office of the CTO operates the program and is a globally located team.

Big Community: How do you expect your customers to use LABS? Is it about helping customers to innovate or about customers helping TIBCO to innovate?

TIBCO: TIBCO LABS is both about helping customers innovate and customers helping TIBCO innovate.  We describe TIBCO LABS as an innovation “collaboration” program.

Big Community: How will TIBCO LABS benefit customers in the ASEAN region and why would they want to get involved?

TIBCO:The growth in analytics and AI across the board is relatively high as companies see real returns on their investments. IDC estimates that revenues from big data and analytics in the Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan) region will reach US$14.7 billion with an increase of nearly 15% from 2017.

Through TIBCO LABS, customers and partners in Asia can gain insight into TIBCO’s innovation activities, participate in shaping the form of these activities in the years to come, and benefit from TIBCO’s leadership position in integration and analytics. TIBCO LABS allows participants to collaboratively build solutions to today’s challenging problems, preview new capabilities, and access emerging technologies in areas such as AI, machine learning, blockchain, and IoT. 

Big Community: Can companies not currently using TIBCO utilise LABS?

TIBCO: Anyone can access LABS projects that have been made publicly available, without being a TIBCO customer or participating in TIBCO LABS. The TIBCO Community website contains information on TIBCO LABS and how customers can preview any of the related projects. More details may be found at: 

Companies that wish to take a more active role in LABS (whether they are a current TIBCO customer or not) may also do so. The process is simple, and companies may currently get started by contacting a TIBCO representative at any one of our locations, meetups, and webinars.  Access is initially limited to proposals that are related to the current set of public projects, and requests will be reviewed by the Office of the CTO.

Big Community: How do companies get involved/sign up?

TIBCO:Companies can participate in TIBCO LABS by contacting TIBCO representatives about the project or technology area in which they are interested. TIBCO has a diverse range of projects such as TIBCO Cloud™ Starters, Project Dovetail, and Project Cloud Conversations. There are more in the pipeline as well, which will be released soon.


Press Release

TIBCO Software Inc., announced the creation of TIBCO LABS™, a collaborative program for TIBCO customers and partners to actively participate in TIBCO’s technology innovation. Directed by TIBCO’s Office of the CTO, TIBCO LABS facilitates the development of solutions for today’s challenging problems, showcases new capabilities, and offers an early view into emerging technologies, including blockchain, AI, and machine learning.

“The launch of TIBCO LABS marks a new era of innovation at TIBCO,” said Nelson Petracek, global chief technology officer, TIBCO. “With TIBCO LABS, we offer our customers and partners an active voice in cultivating the future of the TIBCO Connected Intelligence Cloud. We’re excited to collaborate with our broad ecosystem to build the next wave of relevant, valuable integration and analytics offerings.”

Ideas for TIBCO LABS come from multiple sources, including™, the internal ideation program meant to foster the conception of new technology solutions. TIBCO LABS evaluates ideas for potential development and subsequent release to customers and partners for collaboration.

Initial TIBCO LABS Projects include: 

Project Cloud Conversations: Empowering users to ask questions and gain deeper knowledge from their data, Project Cloud Conversations delivers insights through conversations. The solution addresses the growing demand from businesses to discover insights from vast sets of data, allowing companies to develop new methods of exploring and interacting with data.

Project Dovetail: Developing blockchain solutions with today’s technology is challenging, given the lack of tooling and standardization. Project Dovetail™ addresses these issues by providing a graphical interface for modeling smart contracts, making them easier to write, visualize, test, and audit, all without deep programming experience. Logic is abstracted from low-level code, and contracts can be deployed into different blockchain stacks with little or no change. On-chain and off-chain computation can become more seamless, time to market is improved, and the risk of technology lock-in is reduced. Project Dovetail makes your smart contracts smarter.

TIBCO Cloud My Partner App: Improving how organizations collaborate with business partners is the foundation of a strong ecosystem that fosters innovation. With TIBCO Cloud™ My Partner App, organizations can improve collaboration with their business partners, speed up the resolution of requests, and streamline interactions, all while enabling quick and effective decision-making.

TIBCO Cloud Risk Investigation App: Keeping trust and relationships in the digital economy requires new ways to exchange data and insights with customers, partners, and governing bodies. With TIBCO Cloud™ Risk Investigation App, companies can tap a comprehensive set of capabilities to improve risk management, speed up the investigation of suspicious transactions, and strengthen collaboration across the enterprise.