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TIBCO Launches Jaspersoft 7, Providing Immersive Business Intelligence Components for Developers


TIBCO Software Inc., a global leader in integration, API management, and analytics, today announced TIBCO Jaspersoft® 7, the company’s latest version of its embeddable business intelligence (BI) and analytics software. Jaspersoft® 7 introduces a streamlined workflow for designing interactive data visualizations by deeply integrating them into web and mobile-web applications, offering quicker time to market and deployment of embedded analytics.

Jaspersoft 7 turns its data visualization viewer (TIBCO Jaspersoft® Ad Hoc Viewer) into an immersive BI component, allowing for individual visualizations not only to be embedded into applications, but integrated to the degree that they blend into the application experience. This immersive BI experience is made possible with Visualize.js™—a programmable JavaScript framework for embedding analytics into applications. With Jaspersoft 7, the process of producing production-quality embedded analytics is greatly simplified. This gives software developers the ability to quickly build intuitive data experiences into their applications that empower non-technical, non-analyst application users to effectively leverage data in decision-making.

“We saw an opportunity to create embeddable business intelligence components for developers, the ones who build modern web applications that seamlessly integrate data in a visual way, and most importantly, do it in the perfect context for users to take action,” said Tom Tortolani, head of product management for Jaspersoft, TIBCO. “We continue to add more open, plug-and-play building block components with every release, enabling developers to create dynamic and immersive user experiences.”

Jaspersoft 7 also announced support for two TIBCO analytics products: TIBCO Spotfire® and TIBCO® Data Virtualization. With this new support, users can now leverage data from Spotfire® to create reports, dashboards, and visualizations with Jaspersoft. Additionally, TIBCO Data Virtualization is a newly certified data source, allowing users to virtualize data across all their systems simultaneously and access it with either Spotfire or Jaspersoft.

Stewart Rogers, vice president, products, of eLearning specialist Lambda Solutions describes his company’s experience as a member of the beta program for Jaspersoft 7: “The ability to quickly create visualizations that can be used in dashboards or directly embedded in our application is big. It gives users a clean process for natively integrating analytics into our application with Visualize.js. A key driver for us is the expand/collapse capability of embedded cross tabs. We find our users like the hierarchical control for visualizing data.”