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Top 3 Targets for Cloud Migration
December 23, 2020 Blog


If you are finally thinking of shifting your workloads and applications to the cloud, then there are many factors to consider, along with the goals you are aiming to achieve once you have migrated.

Cloud migration can be difficult, yet it’s a necessary task, and providing the rights tools will help you succeed in your digital transformation. The first step should be assessing your current IT infrastructure and formulating a migration strategy, which includes choosing the right provider.

Cloud migration can provide a competitive edge, with multiple benefits to your business. However, organisations must utilise the cloud to its full potential to ensure these benefits are taken advantage of. To do this partnering with the right cloud providers is essential, AWS is a leading cloud computing platform, providing offerings and services to assist your business.

While advantages of your migration may include improving applications, protecting data and enabling growth, here are three common targets a company can aim for with their cloud migration.


Expansion of Data Centres
Firstly, cloud migration can bring you the necessary data centre expansion. This is ideal when you want to expand your on-premise footprint with cloud capacity for specific needs. With this hybrid cloud approach, you can deploy particular tasks in the cloud, integrating with your on-premise solutions – public cloud for faster deployment or private cloud for more secure operations.

Cloud migration can also help if you have a geo-specific capacity expansion in mind, as the cloud can take you virtually anywhere, even in the most remote location.


Realising Next-Gen Applications
For the second common target, an organisation can also think about next-generation applications.  With the cloud, you can modernise your legacy applications or your enterprise workloads running in on-premise to achieve faster and better results.

Also, you can deploy existing enterprise applications on cloud-scale infrastructure and with native cloud services, offering you the agility to scale up or down as needed. If you want to fully realise the benefits of the cloud, you can always build new applications that leverage native cloud services.


Data Protection and Disaster Recovery
Lastly, cloud migration can assist in your disaster recovery for your critical applications and data. This is suitable when you want to implement a disaster recovery solution for the first time, as cloud providers offer such services as soon as you shift to the cloud.

You can also move your disaster recovery operations to the cloud or complement existing disaster recovery for specific applications, taking advantage of the cloud providers fast, reliable recovery of physical, virtual and cloud-based servers.

Migrating is not an easy task, and may put a strain on your team and resources. However, with a partner who can support and align with your strategy, you have a much great chance of succeeding at meeting your targets.

Providers such as AWS can help support your journey to the cloud, and combined with a company such as Rackspace Technology, acting as a trusted advisor, you can take advantage of the expertise to put your business in a strong position to drive acceleration, simplification and optimise your cloud migration.

Partnering with Rackspace Technology will help ensure you find a best-fit solution available to leverage the full AWS ecosystem of resources, leaving you free to focus on your business and work towards achieving your goals.

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