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Top 5 Features You Should Look for in an Enterprise File-Sharing Platform
March 30, 2021 Blog


With the proliferation of data in today’s digital landscape, there is also a need for enterprises to enable employees, partners, or customers, to share files, documents, photos, and videos across multiple devices.

Such capability is possible through an Enterprise File Sync and Sharing (EFSS) platform, allowing organisations to improve the management of workflows of their workforce.

Before, files were only exchanged with removable media such as USB drives, CDs and DVDs. Then came peer-to-peer file-sharing, with users able to transfer files from one computer to another across the Internet through various file transfer systems and other file-sharing networks.

Having a secure file-sharing platform enables businesses to achieve better collaboration, and visibility and management of their data. In addition, shadow IT can be mitigated when employees can rely on a centralised platform that allows them to get their work done quickly and easily. The rising remote work culture, now a requirement for many enterprises, has only increased the need for integrated EFSS services.

To find the right enterprise file-sharing platform, we recommend organisations look for the following features:

  1. Data Protection and Security: Your files should be secured from vulnerabilities and protected from being lost, as the potential risk of data loss will also mean a significant risk for the business. Enterprise file-sharing platforms should come equipped with security features in transferring and accessing files, from encryption and passwords to antivirus scanning and two-factor authentication. EFSS services should also be able to sync and restore files in the event of unwanted incidents. If you’d like to add on more security features, you can consider a platform that can block or wipe devices remotely to prevent unauthorised access if a device gets lost or stolen.
  2. Enhanced Productivity and Collaboration: One of the primary purposes of a file-sharing platform is to empower its users in collaborating with others. In the enterprise landscape, this means enhanced productivity among employees, as they can collaborate on the same projects easily and remotely. Ideally, look for services that allow you to share, sync, access and edit files on any device and platform in real-time with features like version control, online editing and check-in/out. You should also be able to share multiple files with your colleagues instantly in managed folders while working on your projects with role-based permissions.
  3. Data Governance and Compliance: Since you are dealing with an extensive amount of confidential data within your organisation, choose a platform that will suit your compliance needs. The platform should give you the assurance of a high level of data security and privacy with security controls and comprehensive audit logs for complying with corporate policies. It should allow you to set different file-sharing policies for varying levels of confidentiality or sensitivity using file tagging.
  4. Integration and Unified Administration: It may be a laborious task to migrate all your data to another platform. That is why, when choosing an EFSS platform, select a solution that provides a unified interface, allowing you to connect to any existing storage in your current environment. You should be able to integrate with your organisation’s applications and systems such as threat prevention, data protection and analytics solutions seamlessly. As for administration, look for a platform that has a centralised admin portal where you can easily manage policies and monitor file access across your business.
  5. Availability and Scalability: The business landscape is expanding and now work is not only confined within offices or buildings. In choosing a secure file-sharing platform, select a storage structure and environment that fits your needs. Your file-sharing platform should be able to connect to multiple repositories, whether it’s on-premises, cloud or hybrid environment to ensure scalability.

You can have all the above features with EasiShare, an enterprise-grade file-sharing platform that can help you manage, secure and govern the exchange of sensitive files internally and with the outside world while complying with your unique requirements.

In today’s accelerating and volatile digital landscape, having a reliable EFSS platform that has all the mentioned features is a must for organisations wanting to speed up their digital transformation, enhance productivity within their workforce and protect their data from security and compliance risks.

EasiShare is the platform that you need to enable content collaboration, secure file sharing, smart sync and backup and infrastructure modernisation. With EasiShare, you can have complete visibility and management of data, with an intuitive interface that makes file sharing very easy.

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