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Trace3 Enables Big Data Analytics for the Citizen Analyst with the Introduction of a Self-Service Data Prep Appliance
March 17, 2017 News Anlaytics big data Trace3


Trace3, the Transformative IT Authority, announced today the release of the Dynamic Data Preparation Appliance designed to empower the “citizen analyst” to efficiently and securely access critical data for informed decision making. The appliance is ideal for line of business managers often challenged accessing IT managed data lakes and other enterprise data sources, which ultimately impacts timely and informed business decisions.

Trace3 partnered with Paxata and Cisco Systems in the development and design of the Dynamic Data Prep Appliance. According to Carey Moretti, Vice President of Data Intelligence at Trace3, “Trace3 saw the power of Paxata’s Adaptive Information platform early on, and we are very excited to open up a whole new segment of the data-driven market with two of our most innovative partners, Paxata and Cisco, and bring this game-changing capability directly to the business,”.

The Dynamic Data Prep Appliance is the first purpose-built appliance optimized for self-service data preparation providing rapid time-to-value for the business with a technology stack aligned to the requirements of Enterprise IT controls. “The Cisco UCS® Integrated Infrastructure for Big Data and Analytics is a proven solution for enterprise-class deployments. Architecting the Dynamic Data Prep Appliance with the UCS® solution enables customers to harness the power of modern data management via a simplified infrastructure resulting in immediate value and benefit to the business,” said Kristin Struttmann, VP Strategic Partnerships at Trace3. With the appliance, everyone has the ability to rapidly turn raw data into ready data worthy of analytics – in minutes, not months. The appliance is a fully managed, turn-key, on-premises solution, thereby addressing concerns around data security, governance, and lineage tracking.

“In every industry and company, the struggle for business people to transform raw data into trustworthy information quickly is a day-to-day challenge. Trace3’s ability to deliver a simple, powerful, business-oriented appliance model of Paxata’s Adaptive Information Platform enables business units to quickly and cost-effectively unlock their data-driven potential without the cost and complexity of managing their own Hadoop cluster, and in a platform, that works that meets the exacting standards of IT,” said Nenshad Bardoliwalla, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Paxata.

Trace3 data intelligence consultants bring over 75 years of IT experience and are highly experienced in designing and delivering data analytics solutions for clients via a consultancy approach focused on business outcomes. Trace3 and the Data Intelligence team empowers businesses to make data an asset and differentiator for the business.

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