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Transform Information Into Actionable Intelligence With a Decision Platform
August 10, 2020 Blog


When it comes to online banking, shopping or even dealing with government agencies, customers want the best experience when they’re using their applications. While organisations continue to invest in solutions for online services, many of them end up having teething problems which frustrate customers.

As the world continues its path towards a data-driven era, Malaysian businesses and government agencies have to keep up with the changing times and make the most of the data that they will continue to accumulate. Let’s face it; most of the time, the data is already there. People just aren’t sure how to use the data.

Organisations need to maximise the value they derive from their data and generating the right platform to enable this is vital.

Industries are seeing a surge in data analytics adoption following the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, COVID-19 has resulted in an increased demand for AI, digital products and tools in enterprises. However, unlike businesses, government agencies, for example, end up having to play catch up to other industries whenever it comes to technology or in this case, investments in analytics.

A recent example would be the Malaysian government’s online registration page for COVID-19 relief funding. According to news reports, government websites crashed due to high user traffic while approval processes took weeks to be completed. As “turning to the competition” was not an option, applicants ended up venting their frustrations on social media. Now, if the system had made better use of AI and data technologies, it may have been a totally different scenario.

Solving data-related issues is undoubtedly complex and requires a high level of expertise and experience. Having a comprehensive data science platform at hand can definitely help organisations solve such problems and gain the intelligence to make the right, timely decisions.

Perceptron is a Decision Platform that incorporates Automated ML / AI technology to help businesses accelerate the attainment of Diagnostic, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics. With access to various Open-Source Technologies and an easy to use UI, companies can get started quickly, incorporating open source tools as they expand.

Data Scientists will be able to enhance their analysis through a data science platform as it helps them to run, track, reproduce, share and deploy analytical models faster and more efficiently, be it for data ingestion, cleansing, manipulation predictive analysis. With the flexibility of Automated Computational method tools, they will also have the scalability of elastic computing resources from model development to deployment.

With Perceptron, government agencies and businesses can:

  • Have greater accessibility – Government agencies in the adoption of new technologies in both AI and machine learning gain access to open-source and commercial applications.
  • Rely on a single platform – To maximise available open-source and commercial technologies.
  • Be empowered with multiple skills – Most operations can now be simplified or automated through the adoption of new technologies using machine learning and AI platform.
  • Better collaboration – Sharing projects and resources both within as well as the external community both locally and internationally.
  • Easier integration – Relying on existing data source.

Statworks is an expert in helping companies and government agencies make the most of their data and become data-driven. They developed Perceptron to deal with critical elements of the data journey by centralising data for a smarter approach to search, leveraging open-source ML & AI to connect like-minded experts and simplifying the process of creating intuitive visualisations.

Statworks will be organising a webinar to explain more about Perceptron. In the exclusive webinar, Rohini Sooriamoorthy, Chief Technology Officer of Statworks will explain and demonstrate how the Perceptron Visual Analysis can help businesses or government agencies improve their analytics and make the most of their data.

IBM Cognos Analytics is an AI-fueled business intelligence platform that supports the entire analytics cycle, from discovery to operationalisation. Businesses will be able to visualise, analyse and get actionable insights about their data as well as share them with anyone in their organisation.

Register here to join this webinar.