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Turning Open Data Into Valuable Data
November 14, 2017 Blog


By definition, open data is ‘data that can be freely used, re-used and redistributed by anyone – subject only, at most, to the requirement to attribute and sharealike.’

Other definitions state “The Open Definition makes precise the meaning of “open” with respect to knowledge, promoting a robust commons in which anyone may participate, and interoperability is maximized.”

Its important to note that Open data focuses on non-personal data and avoids going into data on specific individuals. Government data that also needs to be properly scrutinised for sensitive information and would therefore rely on security restrictions.

However, insights can still be derived from the information available. Therefore, one of its key components is in interoperability without which garnering insights and use cases would be impossible. By mixing and matching certain data, one is able to locate patterns and come up with ideas to solve issues from traffic congestion, to anticipating certain types of diseases or even to solve global warming. The possibilities are endless.

Interoperability is in the ability of different systems and organizations to come together and inter-operate. To interoperate – or intermix – different datasets. It is important because it allows different components to work together. This ability to bring together components is essential to building large, complex systems. Without which it will be near impossible.

Data is the new oil and with anyone caught up in the digital boom knows, is a vital source of information that can be turned into valuable insights. With petabytes of data being gathered, it is surely not lacking in quantity. Collecting data is just half the problem.

To turn it into something of value, we need your help. MAMPU and Big Community are running the Big Open Wrangle and giving you the chance to work with the open data towards improving on those data sets, making them more usable and improving the regions Open Data Initiatives.

Come sign up and be part of this amazing journey with the Big Open Wrangle here.