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Two to Tango, AI and Humans
July 10, 2018 Blog

The growth of AI will make companies rethink their strategy for both connecting with the customer and how they employ their staff. Reaching the customer more effectively while replacing jobs that we thought could only be done by humans, is where AI has its foothold. With the age of Artificial Intelligence at hand, humans now need to do the catching up, and fast.

It’s been reported that jobs requiring perspective and thought are quick becoming the AI’s playground. An AI bot such as the one developed by LawGeex in Tel Aviv, sieves through documents at unheard of rates.

In an experiment that took 20 experienced lawyers in separate studies with five new non-disclosure agreements, the AI trumped the lawyers with an accuracy rate of 94% against the 84% of the lawyers. The time taken was even more astounding – humans took almost 2 hours to complete while the AI barely took a minute.

Although the company needed a lot of time and effort training the AI for what it needs to look for and got help from the attorneys to teach it to read the documents, it had learnt something and done something no human would ever be able to compete with.

The AI is learning and it’s time humans started learning to adapt. A whole new world has opened up and changed from compared to how the laptop or calculator helps you do a job faster.

The industries that are being affected tremendously include the automotive and factory industries, the service line industries and even the medical industry. In Malaysia, the KPJ chain of hospitals incorporated a new AI with speed and accuracy in potentially saving lives. The AI helps diagnose and find the most successful treatments, which would normally take weeks for a professional to diagnose, in a matter of a few seconds or minutes. Simply by capturing the image of the patient and running it through its immense database that reaches across the world.

AI will soon be able to take over the job of important roles such as lawyers, doctors and engineers, saving lives, saving costs and with better accuracy and speed. Factory jobs will be replaced too and dark factories that have already become something of an enigma has started to take over.

The world is changing to one that’s hungry for speed and accuracy, and improving the quality of life. It is seeking betterment and AI is providing that solution. Humans then need to learn to work in tandem and become better equipped to work in this new environment.

While the AI has shown it can one-up humans, AI experts say that having important decisions being done by humans is imperative. The suggested solution of the bot needs to be monitored carefully by skilled human workers and technicians. These industries need both resources to move into the future.