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Understanding Big Data with Doug Cutting
December 6, 2018 News


More than 250 students and IT enthusiasts attended a special session with Doug Cutting, the “father of Hadoop”. The creator of the widely popular open source platform was in Malaysia with Cloudera and gave a talk on understanding big data and its state of play at Sunway University Kuala Lumpur.

Speaking to the attendees of his talk, Doug spoke about his background and his career over the years. From the creation of the open source framework for big data storage and processing, naming Hadoop after his kid’s soft toy to his present role as chief architect with Cloudera. Doug said that the open source approach was chosen to create an easier ecosystem. He said, “We wanted to make a software that the people always needed.”

Also in attendance at the talk was Vice Chancellor of Sunway University, Professor Graeme Wilkinson, Senior Executive Director of Sunway Education Group, Dr Elizabeth Lee, MDEC’s Datuk Yasmin, lecturers from Sunway University and Monash University as well as the team from Cloudera.

Datuk Yasmin with Doug Cutting

Doug went on to speak about the industry and the adoption of technology he helped pioneer. Digital transformation he believes is growing at its fastest pace. He added that almost all industries in a small way or another are adopting technology, especially open source technology.

“Data is the fuel that are driving things. It has become a much more appropriate way in the way we do everything these days.”

According to Doug, there is also a phenomenal growth in the different kinds of processing tools for data over the last decade. With costs becoming more affordable and with newer systems, the industry will only continue to grow.

“This style of open source projects is strong and can contribute for decades to provide new tech for the challenges we face.”

“We are at exciting times. We have the tools which are improving. You are the people who will drive this forward and invest these next-generation applications that are going to improve and reinvent industries and business models.”

The event also saw a question and answer session after his talk in which many IT enthusiasts kept wanting to get more information from the man himself on the future of big data as well as where they are heading.

To which Doug replied, “We are only at the beginning of this. All of us should keep experimenting to discover more new technologies that can make us better.”