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Understanding the Close Relationship Between the IoT and Big Data
December 11, 2015 Blog big data IoT

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It is sometimes necessary to talk about the big picture before that picture becomes entirely clear, even though those discussions tend to be conceptual and vague.

Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) have been separate to date. The fact is, however, that they have a deep and symbiotic relationship: The mountain of data that the IoT produces would be useless without the analytic power of Big Data. Conversely, without the IoT, Big Data would not have the raw materials from which to fashion solutions that are expected of it.

The two meet somewhere in the middle.

The intersection is where there is a need to process, transform, and analyze large sets of data on a high frequency. The key will be finding the right strategy for harnessing the power of these two areas in a mutually beneficial way.

The question with the IoT is really what data you want to capture via sensors. From there, you have to figure out how to move data to information, information to insight, insight to actions so that you can augment decisions.”

The emergence of Big Data enables hidden data to be exploited. The future of Big Data and the IoT is very open. Indeed, some major structures are not even developed yet.