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Verint AI and Analytics Solutions Receive the Highest Customer Satisfaction Scores
August 12, 2020 News


Verint® Systems Inc., The Customer Engagement Company, announced its AI and analytics solutions achieved the highest customer rating for overall vendor satisfaction and top customer satisfaction scores on 25 vendor, product capability and product effectiveness criteria surveyed in DMG Consulting LLC’s new 2020 Interaction Analytics Product and Market Report*. In addition, Verint represents the largest market share by number of customers and achieved the greatest increase in number of customers among vendors named in the report’s market activity analysis.

DMG’s report focuses on contact centre and service-related uses of interaction analytics (IA). The report also explores how artificial intelligence (AI)-related technologies and predictive analytics are driving innovation, making important contributions in improving the accuracy of findings, and enhancing real-time analytics.

“Companies that have an interaction analytics solution that captures and analyses voice and digital interactions on a historical, near-real-time and real-time basis have a major advantage over other companies,” said Donna Fluss, president, DMG Consulting. “IA gives companies insights into customer needs and wants as well as their emotions and sentiment.”

Verint Analytics solutions received:

  • Top customer satisfaction scores for product capability criteria including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities, accuracy and tuning capabilities, analytics-enabled quality management (AQM) capabilities, emotion detection, and sentiment analysis.
  • Top customer satisfaction scores for product effectiveness criteria including ability to understand the omnichannel customer experience, ability to provide agents with contextual real-time guidance, and ability to understand the voice of the customer (VoC) and customer preferences.
  • Top customer satisfaction scores for vendor satisfaction criteria including overall vendor satisfaction, product innovation, implementation, ongoing service and support, and professional services.

The report reviewed Verint’s Speech and Text Analytics, Contextual Real-Time Guidance and Analytics-Enabled Quality Management applications. Verint Speech and Text Analytics automatically analyses and identifies trends, themes, emotion, sentiment and the root causes driving customer interactions, including voice calls and unstructured text such as chat in order to proactively respond to issues and act on opportunities that enhance the customer experience and support business objectives.

“We are focused on providing the most innovative real-time speech and text analytics capabilities to meet the changing needs of our customers,” says Verint’s Nancy Treaster, SVP and general manager of strategic operations. “We’re proud to see this reflected in the satisfaction scores from all of our customers who participated in this report.”