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Vertiv to Use VMware vCenter Plugin to Streamline UPS and rPDU Power Management Software
August 19, 2021 News


Vertiv, a global provider of critical digital infrastructure and continuity solutions, has introduced the latest version of Vertiv™ Power Insight, which directly integrates with VMware vCenter Management Platform, the industry’s most popular centralised monitoring application.  This is the first version of the Vertiv Power Insight software to provide single-pane-of-glass management capabilities in vCenter. Vertiv Power Insight v2.4 can be downloaded now from the Vertiv website.

Designed for users with distributed IT systems and a need for centralised management of their power infrastructure, Vertiv Power Insight is easy to install and use and simplifies management of UPS systems and rPDUs across those distributed, virtualised environments. With Vertiv Power Insight v2.4, data centre and IT managers can manage up to 100 devices, including Vertiv uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems and rack power distribution units (rPDUs), directly from the Power Insight software or their vCenter application.

“Today’s networks are more powerful than ever, but also more complex and decentralised, relying on virtualisation to maximise their efficiency and reliability”, said Ramesh Menon vice president of single phase UPS, Vertiv. “This evolution has reduced visibility into critical power protection equipment and limited the ability of organisations to respond to issues expeditiously. Vertiv Power Insight provides much-needed visibility and control that leads to increased efficiency and availability”.

The key addition to Vertiv Power Insight v2.4 is the VMware vCenter Plugin for seamless integration with the VMware vCenter Management Platform. This enables single-view monitoring, configuration, control and shutdown of virtual machines and improves application availability with automatic virtual machine migration through VMware’s vMotion. The new version also includes alarm enhancements and management updates.

“We’ve made managing multiple, distributed IT networks simpler with the Vertiv Power Insight. This empowers IT teams by giving them the ability to easily manage their IT networks securely. This is ideal for banks, large enterprises, government offices, healthcare industries and even schools that need to closely manage a complex IT network”, said Andy Liu, director for integrated racks and solutions at Vertiv Asia.

Vertiv™ Power Insight aggregates data from up to 100 devices, reducing the need for manual processes and simplifying decision-making for IT managers. It automatically discovers devices added to the network and provides real-time alerts when issues arise, which improves response times and helps organisations prevent or respond quickly to critical events. When necessary, Vertiv Power Insight protects IT equipment, applications and data by ensuring a graceful shutdown of host and virtual machines