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Vietnam MarTech Conference & Expo Took Place in Ho Chi Minh City


Vietnam MarTech Conference & Expo Took Place in Ho Chi Minh City on April 20, 2019

Vietnam MarTech is the event where 2,000+ marketing management and marketing operations leaders rely on to learn about technology-powered marketing solutions that create engagement, drive conversions and deliver ROI.

All attendees are purchase-decision makers actively seeking information about the latest advancements in technology such as big data and machine learning ; the strategies and the tactics needed to deliver connected customer experiences that will take their companies and careers to new heights.

This opportunity is a level playing field. Vietnam MarTech Conference & Expo is one day full of actionable, proven, strategic content from experts, celebrities that have been in attendees’ shoes and have turned their businesses into juggernauts. With around 2000+ attendees every year (1,898 in 2018, this year will be much bigger), all participants can meet people who have been in same case study, who have faced the same problems, and who have overcome the same obstacles to hear the true voice.

The event hosted the most prestigious speakers and marketing experts from the industry giants from brands, to platform providers  Sunhouse, Tiki, VIB, Hubspot, AccessTrade Vietnam etc., and was an excellent opportunity to network with sales, marketing and technology professionals and experts in the workplace, and take-home new idea and resources.

As reported there were 1,350 participants with 3,200 total sessions during one day event and 24 booths for exhibition (statistic from SmartCameraAI Later this year in October, the MarTech event will be held in Hanoi. The organizer estimates that it will be a big event with 3,000 participants and 80 – 100 exhibition booths, among them 30% are from international partners.