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VMware Progressing Asia’s Developer Ecosystem
October 8, 2020 News


As part of its commitment to level-up Asia’s innovation ecosystem, VMware’s Getting Future Ready is a pilot training initiative that deepens expertise and specialisation in next-generation technologies for the Singapore workforce. Getting Future Ready provides a structured programme that upskills and prepares tech talents for the emerging Cloud-Native job roles and opportunities.

Offering up to 1,000 traineeship opportunities to Singapore-based companies, Getting Future Ready will benefit tech talents across VMware’s expansive partner and customer ecosystem, that includes organisations such as DBS Bank and M1.

According to Sanjay K.Deshmukh, Vice President & Managing Director, South East Asia and Korea at VMware, as organisations continue to adapt, respond and accelerate their businesses in this new digital paradigm, VMware is committed to leveraging industry-leading technologies and expertise to upskill and enable a new generation of tech talents, so they can drive Singapore’s economy forward in its next chapter of growth.

“Whether you are a graduate looking for a job or a professional impacted by the pandemic, you have an opportunity to upgrade and learn the skills that are relevant around the capabilities of the cloud and modern applications. VMware is committed to help these group of individuals through their partnership, build their capabilities and be future-ready,” explained Sanjay.

VMware is investing in an eight-week program to train employees in Singapore on cloud-native and modern application capabilities on the Tanzu platform. They will be able to make use of these capabilities to meet the demands of the market.

Having said that, Sanjay added that the rest of ASEAN is also not left behind as VMware is actively pursuing with relevant agencies to help students and professionals build their capabilities. This includes positive progress in Malaysia and Indonesia with Thailand seemingly expecting a similar form of training and development program in the near future.

“The intent is to not just help customers transform their business but also help students build their capabilities. If we look at the capabilities needed in the future, it will be around cloud, containers and security. VMware, a technology company that is innovating in all these areas, believes that it’s our responsibility to enable the professionals in all these areas,” concluded Sanjay.