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Wearables Internet of Things
May 30, 2016

One area of particular interest in Wearable Technology, if you aren’t already on the band-wagon, is in monitoring systems for assisted living. We can now fit ourselves with sensors that monitor our every movement. From headgear, to watches, to applications on our phones and many others. This is indeed a huge potential in generating big data and for applications in medicine as well as in ambient assisted living (AAL).

The focus now then is in developing intelligent algorithms. The intelligent algorithms will provide valuable information from sifting through all the information generated daily through your activity trackers, monitoring heart rates, calorie expenditures, blood sugar levels and the like.

Yet, the efficacy of these products have been questioned time and time again.

One such doubter comes in the form of big data billionaire, Mike Lynch, who commented that “wearable devices will often give false alarms and the infrastructure isn’t there for healthcare professionals to deal with the data they produce”.

In fact, currently doctors will still need to conduct tests and are not be able to use the data collected from these devices since its efficacy hasn’t been approved by any governing bodies. So it’s more of a personal need-to-know, share-with-friends type information rather than a go-to for medical or even health advice.

Will we see a day doctors become obsolete? Surgeries conducted by metal arms? Medicine approved through a medically approved application?

That day I believe, isn’t too far off in the horizon.