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Web Bytes expands footprint in ASEAN with Xilnex
February 20, 2019 News

Cloud-based POS sale retail management solution are in demand as businesses continue their digital transformation. More SMEs are investing in cloud-based POS systems to make their business more efficient and less complicated. The POS system generally has the ability to record and process customer orders, process credit and debit card swipes and manage inventory. Cloud-based POS allows for greater flexibility, improved formation management and greater data security.

Homegrown software development company Web Bytes will expand to more ASEAN countries with Xilnex, a cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) retail management solution through a collaboration with GD Express Carrier (GDex). The company now plans to expand its innovation footprint with its new retail solutions of mobile POS and self-service kiosks, and to expand to Vietnam and Thailand via joint venture in the coming months.

Ooi Boon Sheng, CEO of Web Bytes said, “We see strong potential in ASEAN for Xilnex to provide retailers with greater efficiency and speed-to-value in a fast-changing market environment. The growing popularity of e-wallets, the need to cater to multi-store operations and the increasing cost of labour in these countries are some of the key drivers of demand for our new retail solutions”.

As part of the collaboration, Web Bytes leverages GDex’s network and expertise in expanding to ASEAN, while Web Bytes provides GDex with the technical know-how in cloud computing in the development of GDex’s mobile apps and myGDEX cash portal, to further spur the growth GDex’s core business.

“ASEAN is an important market for GDex and technology plays a key role in helping us remain competitive in the digital era. We will continue to collaborate with Web Bytes to create technological synergies and to jointly strengthen our foothold in the region”, said Jerry Lee, Executive Director and Chief Investment Officer of GD Express Carrier.

Web Bytes has also collaborated with Super Gem Resources, the company which operates the LOL stores, by providing them with the personalised ordering tool for their new made-to-order platform, Cozmic Lab.