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What AI Can do for your business


AI is fast becoming the go-to technology when it comes to perfecting digitisation of businesses. Research has shown that 83% of businesses see AI as a strategic opportunity. In Malaysia, studies show that AI spending will almost double the rate of innovation with business productivity seeing improvements of up to 1.6 times by 2021.

So how does AI help your business scale up? The IBM Cloud and Data Summit taking place on 25th April at the Shangri-la Hotel, Kuala Lumpur will explore how and what AI can do for your business.

In any business, data is the most important and strategic asset. Businesses rely heavily on data and the insights they provide in order to be more efficient and profitable. With AI, businesses will be able to get more value from their data. By adopting an AI approach on data, businesses will become more automated in providing you with the insights needed.

AI features like Machine Learning and sentiment analysis algorithms not only allow data analysis but also are able to track and understand customer behaviour. Businesses will be able to leverage on all this data and come up with better strategies to improve themselves. Adding to that, AI will be able to come up with the data-driven solutions for businesses in real time.

But what if your data is not AI ready? Studies show that close to 80% of data in businesses are not ready for AI. Worry not as these data can be modernised. Businesses will able to leverage on IBM’s Enterprise Insights Platform that modernise their data estate for AI and multi-cloud, making data AI ready. It helps businesses turn disparate data into actionable insights and intelligence in near real time. Data analysis with AI will be able to it at a much faster pace to ensure businesses don’t lose out on the data they have.

With automation through AI, businesses will be able to minimise their costs in operations. The need for more employees to manage these applications can be reduced to lower operation costs. Intelligent automation is improving the way work gets done allowing enhanced experiences and greater efficiency. Not only can AI work round the clock with minimal supervision, but they are also to make fewer errors compared to manual labour. For businesses that deal heavily with customer interactions, AI chatbots offer a personalised, seamless experience to the customer.

IBM’s Cloud and Data Forum will be in Kuala Lumpur this month to give you all the insights and information needed for your business. The forum will feature speakers from IBM Asia Pacific as well as industry leaders who will share examples and demos from around the world on how AI has brought a whole new experience to businesses. Listen to success stories as well as some of the challenges and decisions that had to be made by businesses in their digital transformation.

To find out how your business can scale up with AI and get the most out of AI today, register for the forum here.

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