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What Can Cloud Migration Services Do For Your Business?
February 11, 2021 Blog


For most businesses today, it is a given that they need to modernise legacy applications and systems. The challenge does not end there, however, as the ability to rapidly evolve applications and IT systems is a key part of competing in the digital economy.

The cloud is the foundation that enables this for all companies. AWS, a global leader in this field, provides a complete platform for building cloud-native infrastructure to support a digital and data-driven business.

However, migrating legacy systems to AWS (or any public cloud) is not a simple task. Most companies only migrate one time and hence most people have little experience of doing an on-prem to AWS migration.

Once the migration is complete, it takes experience to ensure you architect a cost, performance efficient and secure AWS implementation.

The benefits once you get to AWS are not in question but the steps to get there need people with knowledge and expertise. Rackspace Technology specialises in this challenge, with experienced professionals that have gone through the AWS migration loop many times over.

Partnering with a company like Rackspace Technology makes a lot of sense and here are some of the critical questions they recommend you ask yourself before starting your migration journey.

  1. Strategy: Does your business have a strategy that places demands on your IT and require you to move your applications between technologies? More likely, the answer is yes since migrating to the cloud is a complex undertaking. It may even require you to train your experts to hone their skills or hire a third-party, which can be costly. That is why cloud migration services can equip you with the right strategy – from assessing your current environment, identifying suitable approaches and migrating your applications to the cloud – using a wide range of AWS tools and products.
  2. Expertise: In migrating to the cloud, you have to ask – do you have the proper expertise to run a migration project? Cloud migration consists of many intricacies and even IT experts on your roster may find it difficult. At the same time, some organisations may even perform the migration themselves, with the justification of it being cheaper. However, this can lead to disruptions to your daily operations with experts distracted from their day jobs, potentially leaving you with a sub-optimal situation. AWS bring necessary methodologies, tools and experts to work together with your team in helping you complete your migration journey faster and more reliably.
  3. Resources: Do you have the resources to support the technology in your business and perform a migration at the same time? Since migrating your applications to the cloud affects the operations of your business, you may encounter some downtime. With that, you have to ensure that you have the right resources that will enable you to continue the business while your workloads are migrating to the cloud. Since AWS is a leader in this field, equipped with years of experience and an array of tools, you can guarantee that you will have the appropriate resources for consistent operations.
  4. Future-readiness: Some technologies come and go, but their purpose for your business remains. As such, you have to ask if your current technology baseline can support your future business requirements. With AWS, you have an answer since it increases your competitive edge, drives business value and modernises your infrastructure, ensuring a future-proof business.

Realising these benefits require you to succeed in your migration journey first. The challenge facing businesses is to understand and quantify the risks associated with failed or half-complete migrations and in doing so find the right partner with the right capabilities to help ensure the intended outcome.

Rackspace Technology can be your partner in AWS migration, applying deep expertise in cloud strategy, cloud-native development, container adoptions, application modernisation and workload management to help you accelerate innovation with AWS.

Rackspace Technology helps you experience the full breadth of AWS’s leading-edge cloud capabilities to work smarter, lower costs and innovate with agility. To learn more, click here.