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What it takes to be data driven
April 12, 2016 News


Microsoft Malaysia has taken optimising big data onto a whole new level. Today, Microsoft Malaysia has launched a new version of the SQL server and explained how SQL Server will be a major game changer.

Michal Golebiewski, Chief Marketing & Operations Officer for Microsoft Malaysia explained to the media that Microsoft took an interest in the technologies that develops, collects, stores and analyse big data. He believes that data will be the new electricity of this era and Malaysia is already a part of this new data revolution. Organisations are now using data to reinvent themselves as well as their businesses and through SQL Server, Microsoft supports this revolution all the way.

“We need to realise that data is important and that we need data, we need to understand data. I strongly believe that SQL server 2016 will help us to realise our mission to empower organisations and people all around the world.”

During the conference, Ir Dr Karl Ng Kah Hou, Director of the Innovation Capital Division at Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) talked about how Malaysians understand the importance of big data and are cultivating data science as a key component within the country. He explains that he is pushing forth courses relating to data science so that the number of data scientist in the country would increase from a mere 80 to 1500 by the year 2020.

“Data scientists are experts in analysing data to come up with business insights and they are very much in demand right now. We are committed to finding the right talent for this field – to build a vibrant and dynamic big data analytics industry locally. With close collaboration with the ecosystem partners, we are confident that we are able to meet our target by 2020 of 1500 data scientist. MDeC believes that having the right tools and technology platform are equally important to enable data professionals to be more productive and innovative”

Dr Karl understands the importance of big data, and has worked in collaboration with public and private universities to offer more courses about data science and data analytics.

In order to allow a deeper understanding of the industry, Julian Lee, Advance Analytics Technical Solutions Professional of Microsoft Asia was at hand to talk about his journey as a data scientist. He explained that being a data scientist comprises of utilising data with scientific methods.

“Data is everything and anything. We collect data and analyse our findings, our research. Being a scientist is about having the confidence to try new things and fail fast. But it’s not just that – it has to be reproducible and repeatable, after going through rigorous testing.  We need to be experimenting more, fail just as fast but we learn from the mistakes just as fast too, thanks to the data.”

Darmadi Komo, the Director of the Data Group Marketing in Microsoft Corporation talks about being in a data driven economy and how data is transforming the society.

“Data is the new electricity, everything is data and it doesn’t matter what industry you’re from, you will be touched by this revolution. We have created something that will be a major game changer to big data scene.”

Darmadi elaborates the differences in Microsoft SQL server 2016’s built-in systems and Business Intelligence compared to current market offerings. Microsoft’s mission is by empowering every person and organisation to achieve more, which is in line with

the industry’s demands to build up data science. Through the new SQL Server, Microsoft has the components to power the transformation of this revolution.

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 integrates R language within their analytics to help people solve the most challenging problems in fields from computational biology to quantitative marketing. By removing the ETL process, they’ve created what they call a Mission Critical Intelligence that allows data to be stored, retrieved and analysed in a single platform without needing to transfer the data from a source. SQL Server has everything built-in from Business Intelligence to Advanced Analytics, making this easier to use and costing less for the end user.

As of now the SQL server 2016 Express is offered as a free download, with the Standard version starting at USD3,717 and the Enterprise version at USD14,256.

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