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What’s Going On At Dell Technologies World 2019
May 1, 2019 Blog

We wanted to give you a “feel” for what a visit to Dell Technologies World is like. Check out just some of the areas and messages that permeate the event.

Dell Technologies World is about shaping the future of the industry. Whatever you might feel about these companies and their technologies, when the CEOs of Dell, Microsoft and VMware get on stage to make an announcement, it affects the whole industry – great to see!

Dell Technologies World is VAST. Over 15,000 attendees are hungry for information. The set up caters for everything, including chill out areas like this where you can still stay connected to everything that is going on.

Technology combined with traditional leisure activities on show.

Dell Cloud Platform is about providing multi-cloud consistency as opposed to hybrid cloud chaos.

Training and knowledge-sharing in action for those wanting to skill up.

The edge includes gaming technology and not just for gamers, it extends to many applications.