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Why Big Data Analytics in the Cloud’s Time Has Come
April 18, 2016 News


While CRM software and applications like payroll and expense reporting have moved steadily toward the cloud, business intelligence (BI) and big data analytics have been slower to follow the lead. But as the cloud becomes more mainstream, all signs point to “go” for analytics to get out of the shadows and step into the cloud. Research firm Forrester predicts that by mid-2016 nearly three-quarters of companies will use cloud-based BI. While on-premise analytics deployments will continue for the foreseeable future, the tides are changing when it comes to organizational comfort with moving business-critical functions like BI and analytics to the cloud. Whether the decision to move to the cloud is instigated by economics or the ever-increasing speed of business, organizations need to become data-driven faster, and turning to the cloud sooner rather than later will help get them there. eWEEK recently spoke with Stefan Groschupf, founder and CEO of big data analytics provider Datameer, to glean six reasons why now is the prime time for BI and analytics to step into the cloud spotlight.

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