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Why businesses should consider a hybrid multi-cloud for their Digital Transformation journey?


As businesses continue to drive their digital transformation journey, some complications arise during the process. IBM’s Cloud and Data Forum 2019 on 25th April in Kuala Lumpur will showcase how businesses can leverage on a hybrid multi-cloud option to deal with some of the complications business face in their digital transformation journey.

Today, questions are being asked on why most businesses have not fully completed their digital transformation journey. According to an IBM-commissioned study, only 20% of mission-critical enterprise workloads have actually moved to the cloud.

But what about the remaining 80%? Is it because the digital transformation journey is just too much to handle for these companies or is it because of legacy issues? Or is it just because businesses are not sure of what other options they have on continuing their digital transformation?

With cloud being the most important factor in any digital transformation journey, the complexity it offers to businesses can be rather cumbersome to many. The much-needed flexibility and agility of the cloud have allowed businesses to compete and meet the demands of the market and the industry. Yet, complex issues do arise when it comes to migrating all the business applications on the cloud.

This is probably the main reason why some businesses have slowed down their digital transformation journey. Picking the right cloud to accommodate a business’s needs is key to ensure these processes don’t slow down. Vendor lock-in with cloud providers is a problem business want to avoid. Hence, they can consider a hybrid or multi-cloud option which allows them to only pay for what they use, allowing better flexibility to scale up or down.

The hybrid cloud allows more flexibility and accelerates the transformation journey. It allows businesses to embrace tech and data from more sources to speed innovation. Multi-cloud gives businesses the flexibility to build an environment based on your business needs. The hybrid multi-cloud brings together the best of both the public and private cloud to your business. It provides more than a simple migration of data to the cloud by allowing customers to fully leverage the data services in the cloud.

When migrating data onto the cloud, businesses need to ensure they prioritise the applications. This way, businesses will be able to speed up their digital transformation of their remaining 80% of applications onto the cloud. Understanding the cloud’s infrastructure and knowing the workloads that need to be migrated and optimise will enable cloud applications to stay competitive.

IBM’s Cloud and Data Forum which will be held this month in Kuala Lumpur will give businesses insights on how the hybrid multi-cloud adoption will help their business. IBM has dealt with thousands of clients around the world and have identified key patterns and use cases for success. The forum will explore proven methods that can help your business to a cloud-native infrastructure, with end-to-end coverage that allows for complete, holistic transformation.

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