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Why Companies Are Moving to the Google Cloud Platform
April 6, 2021 Blog

Every business seeks data-driven growth in order to fulfil its mission in delivering improved products and services and to realise its long-term vision and aspirations. In today’s digital transformation era, the cloud has become a vital enabler for all of the above.

In the current business landscape, there is a growing need for faster and more efficient ways to carry out many aspects of the business. Organisations have to become faster, more agile and resilient than ever to overcome modern challenges which have been exacerbated further by the global pandemic.

To keep up with varying issues – from increasing amounts of data, highly complex and demanding workloads, rising consumer requirements and ever-evolving work environments like remote working – businesses are finding that migrating to the cloud has allowed them to keep up with the accelerating pace of change. As such, having a reliable cloud provider that can support them in this migration journey and join them on the road to success, is important.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is the perfect example of a partner that can help you realise your growth towards a cloud-enabled (and possible cloud-dependent) future. As one of the largest cloud providers on the globe, Google Cloud has grown consistently and tremendously over the years. In 2020 alone, its growth rate far exceeded its competitors in every quarter of the year (52%, 43.2%, 44.8% and 47%, respectively), making it the fastest-growing cloud provider.

It has come to the point that the revenue of the Google Cloud platform has now a separate reporting from Alphabet Inc., to show that the corporate giant is serious about taking its cloud offerings to greater heights. This also means that Google Cloud was able to successfully build out its business and experience growth, even amidst recent global challenges.

With this promising growth, organisations know that moving their business to the Google Cloud Platform means that their success on the cloud is apparent and clear. Let us look at some of the companies that entrust their cloud journey to Google and why they chose to move to Google Cloud Platform.

  • The Home Depot: It is the largest home improvement retailer in the United States. They needed a customer-first service that means shipping direct, having the right tool in-store, teaching new skills and anticipating customer needs, everywhere. The company chose Google Cloud Platform, through BigQuery in providing timely data to help keep 50,000+ items stocked at over 2,000 locations – all to ensure website availability and provide relevant information through the call centre.
  • Twitter: With hundreds of millions of tweets sent every day on the platform, it is critical for Twitter that their infrastructure and data platforms are scalable. They chose Google Cloud Platform because it offered an infrastructure that could support Hadoop file systems that host more than 300 PB of data across tens of thousands of servers. With GCP, Twitter enabled faster capacity provisioning, increased flexibility and improved its security and disaster-recovery capabilities.
  • Cardinal Health: This Fortune 500 healthcare company believes that the healthcare system should help providers be effective in serving patients and do so affordably. It needed technology and innovation to drive down healthcare costs. With that, Cardinal Health migrated existing systems to GCP to enhance security and data protection and leverage speed, cost savings, flexibility and agility that enables business-enhancing risk-taking.

These are just some of the many companies moving to the Google Cloud Platform to realise their digital transformation and keep up with the changing business landscape. Today, the services offered by Google Cloud are varied and wide-ranging. From cloud-based compute, storage and databases to data analytics, AI and machine learning, IoT and security, GCP can offer everything that you need from the cloud and its offerings are arguably among the best that the industry can offer.

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