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Why Companies Need Business Process Management?
July 1, 2019 News

As companies continue their digital transformation journey, most of their tasks and operations will become automated. Technology today allows processes to run faster in almost all levels. But many organisations still find themselves spending time on completing tasks that can be done at a much faster pace.

Matters of importance and normally related to the management levels or human resources still need employees to spend time manually going through them and these processes are often time-consuming. Being in the digital age, these manual processes need to be eliminated as they tie employees to a physical location, are error-prone and inflexible. Businesses that want to complete their digital journey need to find ways to automate and digitise these processes.

Automation can be expensive and complex to implement. Thus, some businesses prefer having employees grind through traditionally manual processes like email and spreadsheets. However, these processes can rapidly be turned into an automated workflow. The risk and cost of changing tried and tested manual (and possibly disjointed) processes stop companies from moving forward. Low-code workflow platform like Joget change that.

As we know, employees typically spend a lot of time looking through different systems to solve various issues. From leave applications to getting approvals to manual assessments. All these tasks can be integrated into a larger business system. And this is what Joget can do for your business. Imagine not having to worry if you have done your approvals on time or set your calendar or depend on your employees to go through records and such.

And we’re not just talking about paper-based workflows and emails. Low-code workflow platform can manage tasks even with mobile apps. For example, employees can get their assessments done via low-code workflow platform on an app on their mobile device anywhere, anytime. These allow employees to not just focus on other priority work but also be more efficient in the work that they do.

Managing these processes will ultimately allow your business to be more efficient in this digital age. Businesses may have the most advanced analytics tools and AI solutions for their core processes, but at the end of the day, they will not be able to claim they are fully digitised if they still have employees struggling with all these manual processes.

By connecting all the business applications built upon a business framework which includes risk assessments, strategies, quality control, financial approvals and most importantly, human resources, low-code workflow platform can automate the whole process by selecting and completing the necessary work that needs to be done.

And with most of these applications being web-based, it allows users to easily automate business processes both on the cloud and on mobile devices. This creates a service that combines the best of low-code workflow platform and rapid application development in a platform that is simple, flexible and open.

Having a system that is automated, scalable, adaptable and most of importantly, user-friendly can improve the way businesses operate. Joget is an open source, web-based workflow and low-code application development and low-code workflow platform. It can support these processes with its full-fledged agile development capabilities and has a plug-in architecture, allowing developers to integrate Joget with other systems in the company.

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