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Why Every Business Must Use Their Data to Leverage The Digital Economy

Disruptive Tech Asean are pleased to be running this compelling webinar with SAP where we will be exploring why and how business of all sizes need to embrace and leverage the digital economy in the same way that MNCs and Tech Startups are doing.

We see and hear a lot of press and hype about the digital economy. Startups born “in the cloud” are intrinsically part of the digital economy and for large multi nationals the journey to digitise is already well under way. However, for the more traditional bricks and mortar companies it’s not so obvious how to leverage the digital world.

The good news is that many traditional have the data and the systems to quickly bring their business into the digital age. Whether its gaining insights from the data you already have or building digital ways to engage your local customers, Every business must embrace the digital world or be in danger of being left behind.

Our two expert speakers will first shed light on why traditional businesses need to embed themselves in the digital economy and then explain how they can start their journey.

Syed Ahmad Hafez – Senior Journalist at DTA – “Why the digital economy matters to you”

Ian John, Channel Sales Manager at SAP – “Introducing the tools to bring your business in the digital age”