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Why Every Business Needs an AI Factory
August 19, 2020 Blog


The dictionary definition of “reinvent the wheel” is to waste time trying to create something that someone else has already created. AI is a much newer technology than the wheel. However, its impact on our lives is comparable.

Because AI solves many different problems, people often think they need to start from scratch, but in many cases, this ends up being a modern-day equivalent of reinventing the proverbial wheel.  The fundamentals of many AI solutions are based on similar algorithms and reusing what has gone before is usually a faster and smarter approach when it comes to building AI algorithms.

Cloudera, with its Enterprise Data Cloud platform, has made this possible through an “AI factory” approach. Turning data into decisions, you can make the process of building, scaling and deploying enterprise ML and AI solutions automated, repeatable and predictable.

Cloudera aims to accelerate the industrialisation of enterprise ML and AI. By using an AI factory approach through Cloudera Data Platform’s various tools such as Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub and Data Science Workbench, building repeatable AI models and ML algorithms is now made easier. This technique enables businesses to gain more insights from their data, detect unwanted activities and predict events anywhere at any scale – repeatedly, securely and effectively.

For enterprises that need to deploy custom AI and ML at their desired scale, Cloudera enables them to:

  • Break down data and workflow silos with Cloudera Shared Data Experience (SDX) for secure, shared data access with consistent context.
  • Deploy new machine learning workspaces for teams in a few clicks.
  • Use their favourite tools while preserving security, efficiency and scalability without administrative overhead.

It is also important for organisations to distinguish the lineages of its ML models and data to trace and explain how the models were generated. This helps businesses to understand the impact of the data on their system and plan an appropriate approach in changing its management.

Through Cloudera Machine Learning with new MLOps features and Cloudera SDX for models, organisations can enjoy the benefits of unique model cataloguing and lineage capabilities and full end-to-end machine learning lifecycle management.

To learn more about how you can apply the AI factory approach for your business, click here.