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Yahoo Japan to put big data, AI to work for investors


TOKYO — Yahoo Japan will launch an asset management service steered by artificial-intelligence analysis of big data, the company announced Friday.

The Yjam Plus mutual fund will be managed by an Astmax subsidiary in which Yahoo Japan invested last month. It will accept investments starting Nov. 28, with operations beginning Dec. 20. Initially targeting domestic stocks, it will be marketed through banking and securities arms of Fukuoka Financial Group.

Magne-Max Capital Management, acquired by Yahoo Japan last year, will perform the big-data analysis. It will provide investment advice based on established market behavior theory, such as trends seen in bull runs. Content from Yahoo Finance will constitute the bulk of its data to be analyzed, though information from other Yahoo services may figure in as well.

Many mutual funds are geared to professional investors. With Yjam Plus, Yahoo Japan aims to lower barriers to entry to serve a range of clients, including younger investors.