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YITU Showcases Strength of Its Self-developed Cloud AI Chip at ICCV2019
November 4, 2019 News


At the 17th International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV 2019) held in Seoul, South Korea last week, YITU Technology showcased a number of its latest researches. Known as the world’s top-notch computer vision conference, ICCV is held once every two years, of which the papers and topics manifest the highest research level and technical growth trend in the field of computer vision.

YITU Technology is a startup that has pioneered many cutting-edge technologies in various critical Artificial Intelligent (AI) fields such as computer vision, speech recognition, natural language processing, intelligent decision-making and AI chips.

From October 29th to November 1st, AI researchers from YITU presented their up-to-date research findings and industrial practices at the ICCV 2019, including QuestCore, a cloud AI chip developed by YITU, so as to communicate with and learn from a wider range of research communities.

“The peak of artificial intelligence algorithm performance has shifted from academia to industry,” said Dr. Yan Shuicheng, CTO of YITU, “Academia and industry need in-depth cooperation, to better boost increasing peak performance of the entire AI ecological algorithm.”

As a world-known scholar in computer vision and machine learning, Dr. Yan joined YITU in August this year, the company’s strong R&D and engineering strength is one of the important reasons for him to join. Dr. Yan, as an IEEE Fellow, IAPR Fellow and ACM Distinguished Scientist, has published more than 600 papers in top international journals and conferences, with more than 40,000 citations, H-index 98.

YITU released its self-developed cloud AI chip QuestCore in May, 2019. Integrated with its world-class AI algorithm and advanced chip design philosophy, it is so far the most intelligent and cost-effective video analysis chip in the world. This chip indicates a successful practice of YITU to follow the strong coupling trend between AI algorithms and chip design. Relevant achievements are also exhibited on ICCV 2019.

According to data from Tsinghua University, computer vision applications accounted for nearly 35% of the total artificial intelligence applications in 2019 and have become an important support for the development of various industries.

YITU is building the Visual Computing National New Generation Artificial Intelligence Open Innovation Platform, a national AI infrastructure, to align with the developers of algorithm, chip and product, and provide full chain optimisation services covering algorithm, chip and entire tool chain.

“We will help to enhance the overall performance of visual computing smart industry solution,” said Dr. Yan Shuicheng. “Help to integrate development experience and domain knowledge and promote industrial innovation and cooperation.”