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Zensar Technologies Launches Big Data Enabled Platform


Zensar Technologies, a leading provider of digital solutions, software and infrastructure services, announced the launch of its Big-Data enabled platform for seamless end to end information management. The solution is designed to address complex business problems through rapid, contextual and empowered insights using diversified, disparate and real-time information services. As digital data becomes mainstream, this solution offers global enterprises analytics which generate insights aimed at enabling them to make informed decisions.

Sandeep Kishore, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Zensar Technologies commented, “We live in the times of digital data deluge and information is sourced from multiple sources. There is a need to leverage the insights this data can offer, in terms of taking strategic and time-sensitive decisions. In our attempt to help global customers maximize their Return on Digital™, our Big Data and Analytics platform brings together insights, machine learning, data mining and simplified analysis. We are confident that our customers will see benefits on adoption of this solution.”

According to Prameela Kalive, EVP and Head, Applications Business Solutions, “We constantly try to partner our customers in their digital transformation journey by adopting a digital led approach. As customers grapple with the huge amount of data; we see our Big Data platform playing a key role in deriving actionable insights, helping them leverage changing market conditions.”

The platform empowers the organization to drive an analytics driven decision making culture by integrating existing information assets with unstructured and voluminous data sets. It provides context aware ‘Analytics Data Hub’ as a service, rapid value delivery platform and addresses multiple big data implementation nuances. It also provides accelerated time to market, in-depth and predictive analytics along with AI capabilities.

Key solution features:

  • The platform works against the backdrop of Artificial Intelligence, as it is embellished with Machine Learning, Neural Networks and NLP algorithms. This enables it to realize the benefits of big data implementation. The future is about discovering AI led insights and this solution serves as the starting point in the context of analysis.
  • It has an in-built pack of 30 business apps focused on retail, BFSI and manufacturing industries. The apps provide enterprises with meaningful insights from business specific KPIs. They also offer ease of integration across systems that may exist in current IT framework.
  • The platform offers the ability to rapidly realize business value for enterprises with the ready to implement business apps suite.

Business benefits that enterprises can look forward from this solution are as follows:

  • Visible reduction in the time to insights leading to timely decisions and ability to respond more effectively to market demands
  • Easy integration of the business apps with incumbent systems using smart connectors offers predictability and reliability for business specific KPIs, alerts, and metrics , resulting in better operational costs
  • There is flexibility to customize the outcome as per business requirements, making it easier to gather insights that may be more relevant to business needs
  • Enterprises can gather true business value data-driven contextual insights
  • Visible improved predictability of business outcomes
  • Higher adoption ready across enterprises with integrations like DevOps etc.

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