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Zoom Adds 25 Countries to Its Phone Service; Also Launches Data Centre in Singapore
August 19, 2020 News


Over the past few months, most people have probably used some kind of video conferencing software to talk to our colleagues, workmates and even friends, due to the restrictions in activities since the COVID-19 pandemic started. Arguably, Zoom is one of the most popular, used globally and hosting over 300 million daily meeting participants.

To meet these demands of its users, Zoom announced the general availability of its Zoom Phone cloud-phone service in 25 additional countries and territories, as well as a telephone service plan for companies with locations across the globe, last Tuesday, August 18th.

Now available in over 40 countries, Zoom is providing local telephone service and domestic calling to selected areas around the world. “You can see a dramatic impact of how Zoom is applied and during a period like COVID, has allowed them to keep their business persistent and moving forward”, stated Abe Smith, Head of International, Zoom Video Communications at the virtual announcement, citing the importance of such innovation to the platform.

Zoom also announced its Global Select Plan, wherein companies can purchase domestic calling in 40 plus countries and territories where Zoom provides PSTN service, for a single price. Graeme Geddes, Head of Zoom Phone & Rooms, Zoom Video Communications, described the plan as “a really simplified way to help with the procurement and pricing of the Zoom phone service”.

Geddes also cited the advantage of the Global Select Plan, since traditionally, there are “different rates for different types of numbers, inbound, outbound have no ability to have predictable spend and they also don’t allow for flexibility as your workforce shifts”.

After the announcement of the Zoom phone services, Raagulan Pathy, Head of Enterprise Sales, APAC, Zoom Video Communications went on to discuss the launching of Zoom’s first data centre in Singapore and also answered some questions from the attendees of the conference.

The data centre launch in Singapore, as described by Pathy, signifies Zoom’s commitment to the country and also to Southeast Asia and the customers in the region.

“The data centre is going to be another jewel in the crown that is Singapore’s status as a tech hub and further reinforce Singapore’s status as a strategic location for global businesses to reach out to the Southeast Asian market”, added Pathy. This marks Zoom’s 18th data centre globally.

Later on, the speakers also discussed the use cases of Zoom video conferencing platform, citing government, education, businesses and even personal use.

“We’ve been very humbled and appreciative that we have partnered with more than 100,000 primary and secondary schools around the globe. But specifically here in Singapore, we’ve seen the same kind of phenomenal impact with the work that we’re doing with the Ministry of Education”, Abe Smith stated. Zoom has also collaborated with Singapore’s Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA).

Zoom has been an enabler of remote communications throughout the world, from casual uses to global conferences and with the expansion of digital transformation, Zoom and other video conferencing platforms are here to stay.