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Dell Technologies World Disruptive Technology is Changing Perceived Wisdom

  Dell Technologies World - Disruptive Technology is Changing Perceived Wisdom.   The theme of day three at Dell Technologies World ...
May 2, 2019 // Blog 3D printing //
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What’s Going On At Dell Technologies World 2019

We wanted to give you a "feel" for what a visit to Dell Technologies World is like. Check out just some of the areas and messages that permeate the ev ...
May 1, 2019 // Blog //
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Plan for 5G during your network transformation

  Written by: Sebastian Grabski, Sales Engineer at Zscaler Mobile employees, distributed enterprises, and the move to the cloud are all for ...
April 5, 2019 // Blog 5G Digitization //
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Emerging economies in ASEAN skipping generations of legacy infrastructure to cloud

  As companies continue to spend and invest on technology, the global public cloud services market is one sector that is expected to see spend ...
February 15, 2019 // Blog //
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How should MSPs in Asia-Pacific harness the IoT?

  DATTO: MSPs in Asia-Pacific who are able to harness and secure the IoT will be the ones who emerge victorious.  By James Bergl, Director, ...
January 30, 2019 // Blog //
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2019: Accelerated cloud data migration will fuel modern BI adoption

 by Leslie Ong, Southeast Asia Country Manager, Tableau Software Modernising your data strategy often means rethinking where your data is stored. I ...
January 22, 2019 // Blog //
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Breaking Down Digital Transformation – What Every Business Leader in Asia Needs to Know

  By Julian Quinn, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific and Japan, Qlik Last year, businesses globally made Digital Transformation (DX) thei ...
January 10, 2019 // Blog //
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Smart technologies to have a greater play in analytics in 2019

  by Leslie Ong, Country Manager, Southeast Asia, Tableau Software The disruptive power of data is now an established concept for business ...
December 7, 2018 // Blog analytics Smart Technology //
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