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December Special Focus – AOPG Journalist Travel Diaries – 2019

  Every year, AOPG journalists are invited to cover different conferences around the world. Covering topics for, CyberSec ...
December 26, 2019 // Library //
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November Special Focus – Analytics of Things

  Data-driven economies and businesses rely on data from anywhere today. Be it smart devices such as mobile phones or wearables like smartwatc ...
November 22, 2019 // Library //
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Survey to The Future of Hadoop

  The days of “Big Data Hype” are behind us, they buzz came and went in a flash. Despite the drop off decline in headlines like “data is the new ...
November 19, 2019 // Library //
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Why Every Business Needs to Be a Cloud Service Provider

  In a world that is becoming increasingly data-driven, every not-born-in-the-cloud business is feeling the pressure to digitally transform, b ...
November 11, 2019 // Library //
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Managing Insurance Services with BPM

  Be ahead of the race and the preferred Insurer in the market by providing a seamless customer journey with automated claims process and a cent ...
October 18, 2019 // Library //
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Adept Financial Performance Management Solutions – Spreadsheet Augmentation

  Today’s business climate demands that every part of an organisation contributes to the top and bottom line. This applies to departments that ...
September 4, 2019 // Library //
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Strategic Insight: Why and How to Modernise Insurance Systems

  To keep up with the ever-growing demands of this digital era, insurance companies are amongst those faced with the difficult task of modernisi ...
August 28, 2019 // Library //
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DTA Executive Briefing Note Eliminate Paper with Workflow Automation Supported by Beans Group

  Through workflow automation, organisations can not only rely much less on paper and paper-based processes but also reduce the amount of manu ...
July 17, 2019 // Library //
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