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Tech Lockdown with Freshworks – Understanding Customers with AI

  With the prevalence of e-commerce across almost all sectors, an online customer identity has become more important than ever. Compared to th ...
December 3, 2020 // Library //
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e-magazine: Cloud-Powered Business Transformation

  We are seeing the evident impact that technologies have on businesses. Today, we have technology such as cloud computing that is revolutioni ...
December 1, 2020 // Library //
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October 2020 Special Focus – Customer Tech

  Technology has evolved by leaps and bounds in recent years. Now, more and more technologies are being developed to cater for the customer-ce ...
November 4, 2020 // Library //
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Understanding Managed Security Services

  Organisations are now finding that their digital footprint and security perimeters have widened tremendously and they are subjected to more ...
October 28, 2020 // Library //
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Digital Twin Explained

  Digital Twin refers to a digital replica, virtual copy or model of a real physical asset, such as a product, device, process, vehicle or equ ...
October 22, 2020 // Library //
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VMworld 2020 Highlights

  While it may be some time before we are back attending physical events, virtual events are fast becoming part of our lives today. With the n ...
October 20, 2020 // Library //
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Wi-Fi 6 explained

  Wi-Fi 6 is the next generation standard in Wi-Fi technology. It builds and improves on the current Wi-Fi 5 standard by allowing users to hav ...
October 20, 2020 // Library //
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The Building Blocks of Business Modernisation in Times of Recovery

  In just two months, we have seen a big shift of companies and consumers moving from face-to-face interactions to virtual and online activiti ...
October 16, 2020 // Library //
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