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A Pand.Ai Solution Saves Costs For FSI

The recently held Wrangle event at the ADAX office in Bangsar South, saw a host of reknowned international speakers gracing the event. Being its 2nd i ...
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Humans And AI Should Work Together

  The recently held Wrangle event hosted at the ADAX office in Bangsar South, saw an impressive list of international speakers gracing the eve ...
December 12, 2017 // News ADAX big data EY MDEC Wrangle //
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Female Data Scientists Wanted At Wrangle 2018

  The Wrangle event hosted by EnigmaCG in conjunction with the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), ADAX and Cloudera, is being h ...
December 8, 2017 // News ADAX Data Scientist MDEC //
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Inaugral Hackathon At ADAX Office Sees Prizes Worth RM18,000 Given Out

  The 24 hour MyTrafficHack hackathon which began on 8th of April and concluded on the 9th of April had its winners announced yesterday at the ...
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ADAX Office Is First Its Kind

  Malaysia has stamped it’s mark in the world of Big Data Analytics with the official opening of The ASEAN Data Analytics eXchange (ADAX) loca ...
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Job Opportunities Beckoning The Digital Revolution

  Searching for the right career path is an arduous and stressful task often times. From discovering and honing personal interests while study ...
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‘Why Big Data Matters’ Talk Of The Town At APU

  A  Big Data talk organised by Big Community was held at the Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation in Bukit Jalil here. The ta ...
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