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XAG Urged Rural Development to Go Green at Fortune’s Global Sustainability Forum

  XAG has been invited to attend the inaugural Fortune Global Sustainability Forum, held from September 4-6 in China's Yunnan Province, to exp ...
September 11, 2019 // News AgroTech Artificial Intelligence Drones //
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Kambyan Network RPA-FO Technology Set To Disrupt Industries and Replace 4D Jobs

  A few weeks ago, DTA received an interesting blog contribution from Kambyan Network, a Malaysian company that is looking to make waves and d ...
September 10, 2019 // Blog AgroTech AI drone technology //
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XAG Combats Pests with Crop Spraying Drones

  Facing dreaded pest disease caused by fall armyworms, XAG is among the first to introduce fully autonomous drones in some of the most affect ...
September 3, 2019 // News AgroTech AI Drones //
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AI and Blockchain Reshaping the Agriculture Industry in Sarawak

  The agriculture industry is one of the oldest industries in the world. Even before modern technology and automation, through hard manual lab ...
August 16, 2019 // Blog AgroTech AI Blockchain //
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