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Robots thrive in the forest on jobs that humans find too boring

  From watching pulp cook for hours on end and tracking parasite bugs on satellite photos to handling lengthy legal documents, Swedish forest ...
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Microsoft advises AI regulation under Personal Data Protection Act

  Microsoft Thailand, the local operating unit of the US-based technology firm, suggests the Thai government endorse artificial intelligence ( ...
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What AI Can do for your business

  AI is fast becoming the go-to technology when it comes to perfecting digitisation of businesses. Research has shown that 83% of businesses s ...
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AI Could Improve Your Next Meeting in Cisco Webex

  Cisco Webex's Cognitive Collaboration uses AI to take meetings and discussions to a whole new level.  Bringing Context and Intelligence t ...
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Lucence Dx, Stanford University Applying AI to Liver Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment

  Lucence Diagnostics said today that it is teaming with Stanford University School of Medicine to develop artificial intelligence algorithms ...
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