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Nymo Technologies PTE. and Ecoprosus India Pvt. Ltd. Announce Artificial Intelligence and Edge Computing Solutions for Smart Cities

  Ecoprosus India Pvt. Ltd. and Nymo Technologies have signed a US $20 Million deal to deliver a next-generation video analytics platform powe ...
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Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) Leads in 2019 WMT International Machine Translation Competition

  MSRA won in eight out of eleven machine translation tasks it undertook as part of the challenge Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) has achiev ...
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WeBank introduced the ‘3O’ Paradigm of Open Banking

The '3O' Paradigm of open banking service by WeBank is characterized by the '3O' Paradigm, namely 'Open Platform', 'Open Innovation' and 'Open Collabo ...
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How intelligent is artificial intelligence?

  Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms such as Deep Learning have become integral parts of our daily lives: they enabl ...
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