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Five Phases of Big Data Projects

  First, identify the data and brainstorm a use case. Then make sure everything’s in place to make it work. Enterprises today have a mass o ...
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How to avoid big data project failures: Your 5-step guide

  The big data project failure rate is 60%, according to 2015 research from Gartner. A major contributor to this failure rate is political or ...
April 11, 2017 // News big data Big Data Project //
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Most Big Data Projects Fail: 4 Ways to Make Yours Succeed!

  It’s well known that most big data projects fail. There are many reasons for this, and it turns out that very few are because of the particu ...
January 6, 2017 // News big data Big Data Project //
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Big data: Three ways to make your project a success

  Getting big data right is about much more than technology: these tips could help you set the right path. Big data might be a term that is ...
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